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History of Outlaw Padding Company

President and Owner, Albert “Ben” Currey, of Outlaw Padding Company worked in the gas and oil industry for 23 years prior to his invention of the first padding machine. During his tenure, Ben constructed natural gas and oil pipelines, oil refineries, and compressor stations.

In 1987 Ben Currey went to work for Arizona Pipeline Company (APL). In his ten years of employment, Ben utilized several methods for separating fines from backfill to pad the constructed pipelines.

In January 1997 Ben Currey invented his padding machine. Within 6 months the first padding machine had been built. The machine was built in record time with the help of his son (Ben Jr.).

During this time, Ben Currey created the concept of a padding machine that would be versatile in a variety of conditions, such as narrow right of ways, rocky conditions, or mountainous terrains, etc. The machine would have to be self sufficient and not require any supporting equipment in padding cross country pipelines.

Outlaw Padding Comapny has been in business since 1997 and has constantly evolved our equipment to the Pipeline Industry demand. We are proud to say our Padding Buckets are made in the USA. Outlaw offers a Non-Mechanical and Mechanical Padding Bucket for rent.

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